QuicStick Portable Hand Controls-Right and Left Hand Use

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  • For Domestic Vehicles Only
  • Install in less than 5 Minutes
  • Light Weight , Durable, Comfortable, and Easy to use.
  • Free Shipping
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Comes pre-assembled – No tools needed
  • Quality T-6 aerospace aluminum construction
  • Adjustable for any driver and virtually all vehicle types
  • Fast installation and removal with quick connect hardware making it great for traveling, long road trips or every day commute

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  • Description:

    Designed for simplicity and efficiency, these premium QuicStick hand controls empower users with swift, tool-free installation in under 5 minutes. Ideal for everyday drivers and travelers, they offer precise control over brake and accelerator pedals with a focus on comfort and reliability. Enjoy the flexibility of adjusting to any driver and vehicle type, backed by a satisfaction guarantee for your peace of mind.

    • Effortless Installation and Enhanced Functionality

      Install in less than 5 minutes with its convenient pre-assembled design – no tools required. Crafted from lightweight T-6 aerospace aluminum, ensuring durability and comfort during use. Easily adjustable to accommodate any driver and compatible with a wide range of vehicle types.

      Key Features:

      • Quick Installation: Installs swiftly for immediate use, perfect for frequent travelers and daily commuters.
      • Aerospace Aluminum Construction: Lightweight yet robust, providing reliability for long-term usage.
      • Adjustable Design: Adapts effortlessly to fit various driver preferences and vehicle configurations.
      • Automatic Transmission Compatibility: Specifically designed for automatic transmissions, ensuring seamless operation.
      • Money Back Guarantee: Includes a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee for added peace of mind.


  • Additional Features:

    • Compact and Portable: Convenient for travel and long road trips, offering easy installation and removal with quick-connect hardware.
    • Secure Attachment: Ensures a secure fit onto brake and accelerator pedals, granting precise control at your fingertips.
    • Universal Compatibility: Fits virtually all vehicle types, making it versatile for personal and rental vehicles alike.
    • Comfortable Grip: Provides ergonomic comfort during extended use, enhancing driving experience and safety.
    • Compliance: Meets regulatory standards for automotive accessibility aids, ensuring reliability and safety.

  • QuicStick hand controls - your ultimate hand driving solution. We’re an established USA brand since 2008, with over a decade of expertise creating innovative hand controls for disabled drivers with a goal to redefine accessible mobility with unparalleled precision
  • Designed for virtually every type of vehicle, these hand gas and brake controls empower you to drive effortlessly
  • With a lightning-fast and effortless installation, you'll be ready to hit the road in no time.
  • These hand gas and brake controls are crafted from lightweight yet robust T-6 aerospace aluminum, the controls guarantee durability, comfort and reliability.
  • These hand controls for handicapped drivers come pre-assembled, require no tools, and are designed for right and left-handed drivers. Their versatility extends to fit virtually all vehicle types, making them an ideal companion for your everyday commute, long road trips, or travels.
  • As a testament to our commitment to your satisfaction, enjoy a remarkable 99% customer satisfaction rate and the assurance of a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Effortlessly control acceleration and braking . Our hand controls for driving a car come with an instruction manual to ensure a hassle-free setup.
  • Elevate your driving experience with QuicStick – where innovation meets accessibility. Secure your set today and drive with newfound confidence.
  • Get your QuicStick hand controls.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Jack Howe
Improving my driving experience

Recently, my primary vehicle with permanent ($$$$) hand controls was out of commission for a few weeks. My wife's car does not have hand controls and adding permanent hand controls would have cost more than the car is worth.

I bought a QuicStick. It installed easily in my wife's car, and I found it very easy to use.

Getting rental cars with hand controls has been getting more difficult. Now, I will just take my QuicStick when I travel.

With the QuicStick, I now have a way to pull trailers with my wife's car. I can also rent trucks locally.

QuicStick has opened up my driving experience. I should have gotten one years ago.

John Bernard
Thumb control

I can see from my hour or so of practice driving that the thumb will tire due stop and go traffic. I suppose it will be fine on the open road if conditions allow for cruise control, but the purchase price is good! I would otherwise rate the product a four star. It is the thumb issue that concerns me.

Wyatt Winemiller

QuicStick Portable Hand Control for Left and right Hand Drivers #1 Product

Brad Leonard
This is the only way I can st Drive

It’s works great in stop and go traffic when I can move my leg


Seems well made. Easy to hook up to car. Helps make acceleration and braking smoother for me. I feel safer driving knowing exactly which pedal is securely being pressed. No problems on highway or curvy roads. Not using my feet is strange but I feel safer and in better control driving. My wrist was sore on first drive, but less on next drive. Makes driving enjoyable again.