Check List

Safety Check Before Driving with Your QuicStick Hand Controls.

Please conduct the following safety check before every use.

  1. Re-tighten and secure wing nuts on pedals prior to departure.
  2. Secure the chain around the shaft of the brake pedal. Connect the hooks on each side of the clamp. This added safety feature will secure the clamp to pedal in the event the clamps become loose.
  3. If driving over 50 miles, stop and re-tighten all wing nuts and bolts for a secure fit.
  4. Secure screw from pedals to shafts.
  5. Secure pivot pins on shafts.
  6. Secure clearance between brake and gas pedals such that the pedals and clamps to not bind or touch.
  7. Check and secure or remove the floor mats so that they do not obstruct the gas or brake pedals while driving.
  8. Secure enough travel for gas and brake without obstruction.
  9. Make sure to keep a safe distance between controls and steering wheel at all times. Do not allow QuicStick to bind with the steering wheel.
  10. Before driving, check the QuicStick shaft and if it is not in the correct position of height and clearances for ease of operations and safety, then re-adjust.

Never drive with QuicStick if the unit is not thoroughly checked for installation, fit, and loosened connections. Its your responsibility to be a safe driver.